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Our Brand

Our Media & Content Agency is our storytelling project at the heart of the digital community. Our Multi-Channel Network, Media Agency is grounds for all our productions and media operations. Our range of expertise with digital distribution channels ensures that we can reach any device at any time in the top urban markets across the country.

Putting together these types of projects requires 2 important steps:

1. Creative vision

2. Technical know-how Luckily for you, we have both steps covered!

At our Studios, we record, produce and broadcast your content. Our bleeding edge streaming technology is dedicated to creating, promoting, and managing your campaign with an included sales and distribution system built in. The last part of building on-line is establishing in-person events that bring together creators to fellowship, create and build together.


Welcome to the new upgrade from iShareHow’s media content domain (potomaccreates.com) and home of the Potomac Creates Arts and Media magazine. We begin our transition away from YouTube and our WordPress websites we want to welcome you to our Steemit offering. On our team, we have writers and photographers ready to help you with your media needs.

Potomac Creates Steemit made its presence known during the creative fashion weeks stretching from DC to NYC. Our 202 creative team has worked to cover many of the up and coming DC and NY designers including, but not limited to Clavon’s Wear and Victor Hue. If you’re keeping up with the shows, you have no excuse not to visit our sites and check out our content. In the month and a half long presentation, we covered over 100 hours of footage now available for our viewers. The launch of Potomac Creates Content Network is our way of supporting the creative minds of 202 metro area. We hold true to our commitment to expand the brands of all artist across the Potomac with digital publishing deals on our newly founded website PotomacCreates.com was designed as a showcase of the district diverse and vibrant creative economy.

Building Cooperation

We will build cooperation in media, with our plan to lead economic and creative CoOperation with philanthropic efforts and effective citizen operated media.

How do I know it works?

I use all the practices that I teach in my training to grow my blogs and my digital media arts and sports magazines. My personal favorite niche is educating. My only goal is to help media creation and distribution for creators. So at iShareHow Institute LLC, we teach you how to create a brand and grow it to new levels. With our Media & Content division, we are your Publisher. Working online in the affiliate blogging/vlogging industry with the information from our Online Banding Institute has been a financial success story for many. Becoming an affiliate is much like opening a franchise. Actually, the main difference is affiliates are mainly online to assist retailers in distributing their products. Franchises are known to be brick and motor businesses. Remember, we provide you with the architecture. The purpose? To build and promote your brand. Remember what we do here help you take your dreams and monetize them.


How Do I Get Paid?

Perfect, I’m glad you asked! We help you to use new ways to promote merchants products using your content, reviews, and followers. Secondly, we maintain your AdSense data. Adsense is how Google delivers your website ads then splits the revenue with you.

When you’re getting started, you might not make much money, but over time, you can build up an audience and start to make significantly more money. We work closely with eCommerce Hubs to find the products that fit your band and we teach you how to incorporate them into your daily content. Each video that you create is a piece of content that can be used to attract advertisers. When an advertiser uses a vlogger’s video to display their products, the vlogger/blogger gets paid a percentage of the advertising revenue.

We use the iShareHow Institute knowledge blog to teach you and show you the results of the tools and systems we find. Then, we use our Media & Content agency so you don’t become the tool, you can just leverage the tool. Use it to increase your productivity without being a techie, no SEO optimization, no servers, no CSS, or programming.

iam Jamel, I serve as the Director of Executive Operations here at iShare Solutions. I am also the Managing Director of iShareHow Institute LLC
iam Jamel, I serve as the Director of Executive Operations here at iShare Solutions. I am also the Managing Director of iShareHow Institute LLC