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iShare Solutions is a disadvantaged and Service-Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business, with a focus on cybersecurity and IT for the Intelligence/Military/Civil Communities.

We are a strategic consulting firm focused on the development, deployment, and support of advanced analytic solutions, – driven by solutions and focused on results as we help our customers achieve mission success.

ecosystem of cooperation

Building digitally sustaind nation.

We plan to launch our own blockchain in 2021 focused on the cooperation of socially disadvantaged (§ 124.103) indigenous peoples. Our mission is to develop digital solutions to building our nations economic well being. Our P2P resource share will be ecosystem distributed economics. Become a statesmen and defend your State!

Learn about the COOPCHAIN token and read guides & documentation on the brand-new coopchain.io website. Stay tuned for the latest updates from the Coopchain Network.

Driven by solutions and focused on results

Achieve Cooperation

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