While GuapCoin gets ready to set a major shift in black business, a sort of revolution for the new blackonomics, we must have a system that affords us a way to recycle black money. As so much of the black spending power and business profits spill from our hands we are in desperate need of a token like $GUAP helping lead the charge the ability for black to self-bank.

We at iShare are excited about the opportunities interested merchants can contribute to the network and the $GUAP Movement. Along with building your personal wealth, your participation will support your brethren in building wealth in their families and communities.

The creators of $GUAP said it best “your presence is vital and crucial to changing the dynamics of Black Economics, the Rebuilding of a New Black Wall Street and creating New Black Generational Wealth.”

We hope you, our readers, are ready for an Economic Revolution in the community. Albeit you haven’t already #GetGuap. Things are moving fast and history waits for no one. Be a part of history, this economic reconstruction and change the face of Black Economics forever.