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Check out our iShare Knowledge SteemIT blog! The iShare.How knowledge journal covers topics area like Forex trading, technology, marketing, web design, YouTube Video creation, in motion design (graphics), media advertising, traffic generation and many more topics. Our core lessons teach you to interpret, create and conquer learning digitally globally. With informative...
iam @YamelYisrael the Managing Director of iShareHow Institute LLC Mid Level data (discovery) analyst and malware engineer $47.00/hr Yamel grows his niche website by publishing in-depth articles about specific topics, in Data Analysis, Cyber Security and Maker Content . I am an experienced network security engineer with a degree in app development and security. Over the course of my career, I tracked and built everything from Jupyter notebooks to security analysis tools and corp content management systems. I excel as a threat hunter, discovery analyst. My main tech focus in recent years has been malware and intrusion discovery, with a keen interest in Python and DevOps to speed discovery. In addition, I have extensive experience with various APIs and database solutions. I start by visualising the data to identify the hidden patterns in the data.