iShare Solutions is a disadvantaged and Service-Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business, with a focus on cybersecurity and IT for the Intelligence/Military/Civil Communities. We are a strategic consulting firm focused on the development, deployment, and support of advanced analytic solutions, – driven by solutions and focused on results as we help our customers achieve mission success.

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iShare Moor Thought Podcast

Knowledge is Freedom, Law is life. Welcome back to another cooperative analysis podcast. We believe data can tell a story and concrete analysis can challenge our assumptions about everything. Let's begin the conversation...

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Beginner Guide To Mining

Getting Started Welcome to the beginner's guide to getting started mining. I am making this to have a running document of everything that I have...

How To Make A Welded Hydroponics Stand

During last year's build, I learned some very valuable lessons that contributed to my inspiration for this current project. The amount of...

Contextualizing Cyber Security

Upgrading your treat hunting skills to next generation capabilities. When defending against the next generation of malicious targeting agisnt your network and systems, we as...

iShare.How SteemIT Blog

Check out our iShare Knowledge SteemIT blog! The iShare.How knowledge journal covers topics area like Forex trading, technology, marketing, web design, YouTube Video creation, in...

Sirui vs Benro vs Induro

DIY Video MonoPod with Quick Release Plates. Who is better, Induro Hi-Hat Tripod, Sirui P-204S Aluminum, or Benro A48FDS4 Monopod? Best for me the answer...

Build a 4U Rack Mount 7 GPU Mining Rig

iShare.How: Purchase one of our Rigs today! In this video, I show you how to DIY build a Rosewill GPU Miner (UnBoxing and Redesign). Check wallet address stats


GREETINGS AND WELCOME TO $GUAP While GuapCoin gets ready to set a major shift in black business, a sort of revolution for the new blackonomics, we...
iam @YamelYisrael the Managing Director of iShareHow Institute LLC Mid Level data (discovery) analyst and malware engineer $47.00/hr Yamel grows his niche website by publishing in-depth articles about specific topics, in Data Analysis, Cyber Security and Maker Content . I am an experienced network security engineer with a degree in app development and security. Over the course of my career, I tracked and built everything from Jupyter notebooks to security analysis tools and corp content management systems. I excel as a threat hunter, discovery analyst. My main tech focus in recent years has been malware and intrusion discovery, with a keen interest in Python and DevOps to speed discovery. In addition, I have extensive experience with various APIs and database solutions. I start by visualising the data to identify the hidden patterns in the data.

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