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Written by Bar-EL

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The evolution vlogging and blogging is here and in today’s industry content when you have a trade content creation is easy, it’s reaching viewers that hard for many.

Our Brand

So at iShareHow Institute LLC, we teach you how to create a brand and grow it to new levels. With our Media & Content division we are your Publisher and Syndicator. This basically means we will teach you how, when, and why of content creation then publish your work to our magazine and media channels for viewers to see.

The lessons from iShareHow are optional if only there if you want or need them. These blog entries are open to anyone with an internet connection, joining our program does more than teaching it also help with getting you in the right frame of thought.

How Do I Get Paid?

Perfect, I’m glad you asked! We help you to use new ways to promote merchants products using your content, reviews, and followers. Secondly, we maintain your AdSense data. Adsense is how Google delivers your website ads then splits the revenue with you.

When you’re getting started, you might not make much money, but over time, you can build up an audience and start to make significantly more money. We work closely with eCommerce Hubs to find the products that fit your band and we teach you how to incorporate them into your daily content. Each video that you create is a piece of content that can be used to attract advertisers. When an advertiser uses a vlogger’s video to display their products, the vlogger/blogger gets paid a percentage of the advertising revenue.

We use the iShareHow Insitutle knowledge blog to teach you and show you the results of the tools and systems we find. Then, we use our Media & Content agency so you don’t become the tool, you can just leverage the tool. Use it to increase your productivity without being a techie, no SEO optimization, no servers, no CSS, or programming.

How do I know it works?

I use all the practices that I teach in my training to grow my blogs and my digital media arts and sports magazines. My personal favorite niche is teaching. My only goal is to help media creation and distribution for creators.

Venture Labs

Venture Lab is our investment initiative that provides dependable seed capital and video productions and editing resources to support to innovative indie creators. For creators fostering experimentation and improving media creation and distribution models, we offer assistance, financial and non-financial to accommodate the needs of particular ventures.


Working online in the affiliate blogging/vlogging industry with the information from our Online Banding Institute has been a financial success story for many. Becoming an affiliate is much like opening a franchise. Actually, the main difference is affiliates are mainly online to assist retailers in distributing their products. Franchises are known to be brick and motor businesses. complete daily on your road to success. Each small task every day for a month compounds to a solid foundation for your blogging career! Your blogging can be about what you are learning in your marketing classes or even about your life. All you really need is traffic aka people watching and reading.

Let me assist you in completing your daily tasks on your road to success. Each small task every day for a month compounds to a solid foundation for your blogging career! Your blogging/vlogging can be about anything you like. All you really need is traffic aka people watching and reading. We’ve done exceptionally well-serving our corporate purpose, but we’ve also been fairly successful with providing our creators the technology and distribution for growing their brands.

Remember, we provide you the architecture. The purpose? To build and promote your brand. Remember what we do here help you take your dreams and monetize them.




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