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Tips for starters in Affiliate Marketing?

Written by Jamel Brown

First off I wanted to first welcome you to this page. I promise you that we’re not here to waste your time or beat around the bush.

Building a service-based business is what allowed us to get the jumpstart we needed in our online business to go from ZERO to over $30,000 per month in lightning fast speed! And the BIGGEST Factor to our success is being able to generate the MOST and the BEST quality buyer leads FASTER than anyone else out there.

With so many NEW businesses being started every single day, there’s NEVER been a better time to cash in on this golden opportunity than RIGHT NOW! There’s absolutely NO OTHER form of online marketing that allows you to go out there and collect a $1k-$3k check FASTER than helping local businesses with their marketing.

But, you have to have the EDGE over your competition. You have to be able to get to those quality leads before the “other guys” do…

Once you’re able to generate leads on demand like THAT, you’ll be able to have your first BIG ticket client by lunchtime tomorrow. There’s such an abundant amount of local businesses that are DESPERATE for your help that it truly is THAT SIMPLE!

And on this page we’re gonna talk about how YOU can FINALLY have your breakout year. How you can finally be able to take your business to the next level and how you can finally get an unlimited amount of targeted, buyer leads at the push of a button!

K your definition of crazy might differ to mine..

Anyway.. loads of info is thrown around.. most of it from people who’ve never done the stuff they’re preaching..


A while back I read a blog post (can’t remember where) that said adding a phone number to your sales page can increase the conversion rate..

The post didn’t show any hard data to support the claim..

…For clarification… You can’t add just anybody’s phone number.. it’s gotta be yours.. not the local strip joint or pizza place or wherever you IM types hang out these days..

So I figured I’d add it to my list of things to test and share the results with my inner circle members, my FB group members… and you guys.

Here’s what happened when I tested it:

BTW: This is the conversion rate NOT the number of sales

As you can see, looking at Test B, which had a phone number at the top of the page.. that increased the conversion rate… but only by less than 1%

On the surface you might think it’s not too great right? It’s not going to set the world on fire..

But I’ll still take it.

Add up those extra sales over the course of a week.. a month.. etc.

I think this works because you’re giving people an immediate way to contact you, should the have a problem.. it also conveys that you’re a *real person*.. not some anonymous entity that might vanish overnight.

So for that reason, I think, it might increase overall trust.

If you have different results to share from your own tests, we should compare notes.


I’ve seen some people recently asking very basic questions about sales funnel construction. So I thought I would post this simple funnel. Please add to this simple model if you like. Funnels can be much more complex than this simple example.

This assumes you have a website, Autoresponder, and freebie hosted so you can link to it.

What you will need:

#1 A squeeze page
#2 A OTO (one time offer) page
#3 A freebie thank/download page
#4 A “register your purchase” page for one time offer buyers
#5 A paid product thank/download page

Set up two lists in your AR. A subscribers list and a OTO buyers list. You will need to learn your ARs automation process to automatically unsub people who register their purchase and join your buyers list.

Here we go:
For settings for your subscribers (squeeze page) form select “custom thank you page” enter the URL of your OTO. I always use single opt so subscribers are instantly sent to my OTO. I also put on my squeeze page “…will be sent instantly to your inbox.” This way when people land on my OTO they won’t wonder where their freebie is.

If people decline your OTO they leave, and access their freebie via the link to your freebie thank/download page that you sent to their email via your first followup message. More complex funnels have more to offer.

If they buy your OTO they are redirected by your payment processor to your “register” page. Enter it’s URL when you setup your buy button.

When people register they are automatically moved to your buyers list and redirected to your thank/download page. Enter it’s URL for your buyers form custom thank you page.

You have now delivered on your squeeze page promise and have a happy subscriber.

Thanks for reading.


100% true.
To be honest, yes you need a relationship / trust but most people rather do this from their home than drive to meet you face to face.

I havent used clickfunnel, but being skilled with computers I created my own lead-capture page, followed by another page that offers more info (online presentation) ..

I am making money with this model, 1/4 the people i sponsored came online so clearly my approach can be better designed, just takes time since I am not paying someone like clickfunnel to help. I am working on a new lead capture, click funnel, call to action..

if anyone has suggestions on how to design an MLM Opportunity clickfunnel flow I am all ears.

Also, once the new site is designed, I will offet my clickfunnel to the people in my team, as a done-for-you site that they can now use online!


f you don’t know who David Wood is, then you probably haven’t ever heard of the Empower Network. Back in 2013/14, it was THE HOTTEST thing in network marketing. It’s glory days are past, but still, to this day, over a hundred thousand people are in the network.

About Us:

We’re a globally diverse group of complimentary service providers. We provide services that businesses need to succeed online. I’ll skip the specifics for now, but suffice it to say that we can build service packages from $50/mo to $1000/mo and above, and pay out juicy commissions, similar to Empower.

We recently teamed up to create the ultimate online services bundle for local and internet businesses. Over the last few months, we’ve learned that our sales teams close far more deals when we bundle. So we’re exploring the opportunity of a merger, and rapidly expanding our sales force.

And this is where you come in. We’ve got great services, with high margins. You?

About You:

You’re an MLM vet. You’ve ridden wave after wave of the hottest new thing, and are ready to step into the big leagues. Recruiting? You laugh at the words, so low are the expectations. Recruiting at scale is really where you start to get inspired. You feel a burning desire to be king of the castle. You’re happy – no you need – to be the face of the company. You’re going to show tens of thousands of people how to get out of their Just Over Brokes.

The Proposal:

Let’s talk. See if there’s a common thread here. If we find that special spark, we’ll create a new company with a direct selling model. My group will handle the back end. We’ll remodel our services portfolio into an unbeatable offering that no entrepreneur or small business can do without. You’ll handle the front office. You’ll recruit at scale, and build the network.

Together, we’ll sell legitimate services, and go far beyond the ‘questionable’ model of charging for packages that teach people how to sell our own services. We’ll drive the world forward, and line our pockets in the process.

If you answered yes to one or ALL of the questions above,Congratulations – you’re in the right place!

Today, we’re gonna share with you the fastest and most powerful way for you to build a full-time income online and how you can automate the ENTIRE process in just a few minutes a day. Because every single time one of our users writes us about how they got their first $1,000 check, or their first $10,000 month, our passion to help YOU get those same results continues to grow even bigger.

You can see the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials ALL over this page. What we’re gonna share with you on this page works and GETS RESULTS, Period! And once you’re done reading all the amazing testimonials and watching the powerful demo video, we invite you to add Profit Renegade to your arsenal and join the ELITE group of marketers who are out there crushing it in their business.


But Here’s A Quick Reality Check…95% Of Online Marketers FAIL Miserably!

Building a profitable service-based business (or any business for that matter) comes down to ONE simple thing. LEAD GENERATION!

Most service providers fail miserably because of the LACK of quality leads. There’s way too many people out there using OLD and OUT DATED strategies for generating fresh leads. They’re all chasing the SAME old stale leads that wouldn’t pay you even if you were selling at blow out prices!

But when you’re equipped with the latest software and strategies for generating the HOTTEST leads that are READY to buy from you, you’ll join the elite group of marketers that are able to build a 6 and 7 figure business in no time.

Just think about it for a second… If you were generating 1,000 quality buyer leads PER DAY, how many $1,000 checks would you need to collect to have a GREAT pay day? One, two, maybe THREE if you’re a big spender? Haha

But seriously though… Do you see why having a LACK of leads is your problem? Once you have a flood of leads coming into your business, you have FULL control to make as much or as little as you’d like.