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The TRUE reason having a virtual assistant is a great investment

Written by Jamel Brown

A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. (Wikipedia)


As we jump right into the online and home business of our dream. You start to find out and learn that you have much to learn. Starting on your dream part-time takes time. But what better way to get started on this journey with a virtual assistant but what is that assistant is your own automated systems. This system would be able to email your leads, coach and motivate your team and drive huge sales. It is very important to be able to duplicate yourself and duplicate your effectiveness 24/7 and an automated system is key.  It’s efficient and saves money.

Having a virtual assistant system is cost-efficient and keeps costs low for many reasons. This virtual system would make it easy to focus on taskers you need to do, without worrying about any emailing and SEO obligations. A reliable system gives you the time to be more productive. Imagine having a virtual system that controls making calls, or managing a calendar, Screening e-mail, managing contact list, and scheduling. This system would essentially be the most important member of your team, even if it is virtual.

The thing my mentor always tells entrepreneurs who struggle spend more time on perfecting a single task but how can you when you’re trying to wear too many hats while doing it. But again why a virtual assistant system? VAS’s Give You the Gift of Time!

Having our system is going to do for you what want no-one else can do, replicate you 24/7. This will then give you back your number one asset, time. It gives you time to focus on more strategic, revenue-generating activities and less time spent chasing details that are important to maintain your business but do little to grow your bottom line.



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