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The critical tools every internet marketer must have

The critical tools every internet marketer must have
Written by Bar-EL

The Tool Belt

Disclosure: Please note in this article I’m going to review some of the tools that you are going to need, but I’m also going to compare them to some new tools that I use that are far better than the old ones.

These are tools I’m currently using to build my the the iShare.How brands. Earlier we did an article about saving time and how tools help you manage your workflow. I’ve been in the on-line blogging business for about 5 years, at first, it wasn’t a business but just a hobby. But along the way, I realized that this is an industry that you can make money in and grow a monthly income. So, let’s discuss the tools are that allow me to automate some of the tasks of my business. A mentor of mine once said, “You can either USE TOOLS or BE THE TOOL”.

Let’s start with my #1 recommendation and the MAIN medium that allowed me to triple my brand growth in just three months….What separated blogging for hobby and for business? What I can say without a doubt, your tools and your systems are what makes your business. These important tools helped me to grow my business from hobby to a very massive system in 60 days.

AWeber vs MailChimp vs Getresponse vs Constant Contact

What do all these systems have in common? They all allow you to contact and send email campaigns to your subscriber list. I’d have to say that email marking was the first step in a marking system that you MUST build. Aweber is one of the first tools I found and began to you but its interface was confusing and cumbersome. After being put off by its, price, interface and lack of compatibility with other systems so I dropped the platform. Next, I tried constant contact and was again disappointed for the same reasons. But, I knew that I needed to build my list somehow to  deliver content and send mass emails to them.

I was able to solve the problem with a system I found called Kalatu Cloud. Kalatu Cloud is a back-end analytics tool, email Campaign tool, SMS & Email Notifications tool, Autoresponder tool, Webform and much more. Normally you would pay for each service piece by piece based on the number of contacts that you have. This service all the listed features with a contact list of 500.

With a Premium feature list of:
Unlimited storage, bandwidth and blog posts
Search Engine and SEO Friendly
21 Day Blogging Challenge Plug-in
Customizable Themes
Map Your Own Domain Name
Multilingual Blogging Platform
Opt-in Simple
24/7 Customer Support
Up to 10 Blogs
Access to “7 Minute Blog Hacks” Training
Premium Plugins
Premium Themes
Media Hosting
LIVE Q&A WebCasts

Lead/ Capture pages

The lead page also is known as capture page is the software that completes the Kalatu Cloud services package. The lead page is a single page projected to increase opt-in and sales letters. This free WordPress blog serves as an interactive lead page with a Webform sitting in the widget areas of each page on the site.

Kalatu Cloud provides you hosting, servers, Customizable Themes pre-built. Their software has a drag and drop interface that saves lots of time and coding and also makes content delivery easier. They have hundreds of specially crafted templates for your landing page and ability to edit them fully and make them however you want.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is my secret tracking tool to efficiency and quickly take you site’s data and analyze it to find trends and broken parts of your sales system. I couldn’t talk long enough about how important tracking your visitors and sales is to an internet marker because you want to know where you are taking most of the traffic or sales so you can focus more on important sources and cut extra spending on useless campaigns. It is of the most importance to track every movement of your visitors and subscribers using analytics data. If you don’t understand where your sales are coming from then you can’t fix the holes in your funnel. Google Analytics combined with trackers of Kalatu Cloud will give you all that data you need to easily see where your lead came from, what they did on your blog or list and when and how they purchased the product. You can also see what videos they watched and how long they stayed.



Screen Recorder Jing

Has some imperfections but a portion of that is excused due to ease of use. Jing can capture an image of what you see on your computer screen or simply select any window or region that you want to record. TechSmith Corporation has made a marketing necessary software that you just can’t live without.

Facebook Live
I know many people prefer not to use facebook Live for their marketing efforts but you must connect with you follows and what better way to do that with live Video. You see, live video allows you to make that in person feeling with someone that you haven’t met allowing them to get a feel for you before they take their purchasing decision.  With the internet making realm and all the scammer’s nothing more important these days than show in your customer that you are a real person that is here to help them.



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