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Written by Bar-EL

Founded by true Israelites (Black Jews): The iShareHow Institute Academic Journal is the first digital journal of heritage studies and research in the aforementioned community.

A fact-based tank that informs the populace about the issues surrounding our heritage thought-provoking analyses that encompass Holocaust of the Black mind.

Analysis on topics such as gentrification, education, integration, incarceration, entrepreneurship, jim crow laws, neighborhood violence, minority violence, community structure, and countless others will show you the true nature of such oppression.

Subscribe and become a supporter of the peer-reviewed articles and journals that we have presented here. It is now time that we start the discussions and the debate on our analysis and studies so that we can accelerate our return to a unified black nation.

Our project will be a diverse online cooperative seeking to expand extraordinary the reach and income of our nation. You’ll gain enormous insights for your mastermind session. It’s like having an objective board of directors, a successful team, and a peer advisory group, all rolled into one.



About the author


iam Jamel, I serve as the Director of Executive Operations here at iShareHow Solutions. I am also the Managing Director of iShareHow Institute LLC

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