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Our Media Arts Division makes its presence known

Written by Jamel Brown

Epnosis Studios’ Arts TV channel and website makes its presence known during creative season of fashion weeks stretching from DC to NYC. In the month and a half long presentation, we covered over 100 hours of footage now available for our viewers. The launch of Potomac Arts magazine is our way of supporting the creative minds of 202 metro area. We hold true to our commitment to expand the brands of all artist across the Potomac with digital publishing deals on our newly founded website was designed as a showcase of the district diverse and vibrant creative economy.

Through our coverage of an array of events, we commit to consistently showcase the diversity of the artists, makers, and entrepreneurs by publishing their work and expanding the reach of these creative. It would seem that no matter how packed the New York Fashion Week calendar gets there will always be designers fighting for positions, and we will assist in getting more eyes on their work. But, Of course, the more shows we try to cover that more talent we will need. Our 202 creative team was able to cover many of the up and coming DC and NY designers including, but not limited to Clavon’s Wear and Victor Hue. If you’re keeping up with the shows, you have no excuse not to visit our sites and check out our content.


Mayor Muriel Bowser Presents: 202Creates started in September 2016 with an inaugural month of epic creativity! A recent study also shows the District is a top five “most inspiring city” for young artists



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