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I feel collectively we have what it takes to lead our community.  Together we can run the districts of our communities, counsel our people to success, and build candidates ready for proper debate on how to unite our economics.

These are my current published articles and papers. This post is updated regularly. See below for the full list of publication links to my work. In this blog, I’ll be exploring cooperative matters relevant to Law, discussing publications/articles/events/other writings on related topics that arise.

The questions Jamel Brown is most passionate about: How has all our religious law been filled with dogma? Why does the world ignore systemic oppression? What events and interventions end systemic oppression? How can blockchain technology and cooperative economics unite Grassroots Movements?

My blog is to fight back against the imbalanced lessons in Religion, Science and Law have been systematized (filled with dogma) in order to keep the masses asleep the truth of the world. Lets together fight the war on history by debating and distributing, studies, history, and science.

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iam Jamel, I serve as the Director of Executive Operations here at iShareHow Solutions. I am also the Managing Director of iShareHow Institute LLC

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