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Improve your lighting for increased work hours

Written by Bar-EL

Industrial Style Iron Plumbing Pipe Desk Table Lamp Light $65.00 +$50 smart switch


  • Handmade in the USA
  • Assembled Using Heavy Duty Black Iron Fittings
  • DIY Home Office Toos

One of the most important parts of working long hours in an office is to have the most personal space for you. A space that you can relax and be comfortable while working. I spend as many hours in my home office space as I do in my primary work location many weeks. Having the right pace makes work more enjoyable and fitting. Today addition to my office is a custom-made desk lamp designed by me fitted with a WeMo smart switch and extra powers receptacles to charge probable devices with ease. Also, included in this design is an extension cord to plug in other lamps while still using the same smart switch for operation.

This idea came to meet three major needs. First, I really wanted a desk lamp that wasn’t cheap and

fitted the theme of my office desk and bookshelf. Second, I have purchased a Google Home and Amazon Alexa and wanted my new furniture to be compatible with voice control. Third, I needed this setup to light the entire room bright enough for me to make videos in so that would require me to have multiple secondary lamps connected to it.

With all the wants out the way, the next page was designed planning. I went through many of plans and even searching Pinterest and Google images for inspiration. I c

ame across similar concepts in my

research but nothing quite the same. The closest design to mind focused more on the rustics pipe and old looking features. While I just wanted modern but industrial. Also, my needed to have a smart switch built in.


To the build.

With my plans in hand, I set out on my way to Lowe’s to purchase the parts. I ended up getting everything I needed for less than $55, not including the smart switch I already own.  For this project, I used half inch diameter pipe, a metal outdoor power box, and a DIY lamp kit. For me being an avid tinkerer the build was very simple with the hardest part being the electrical wiring. Since all the pipe is threaded all you do is screw it together like build blocks set.

The next part will be the hardest for many as it requires messing with electrical wires. For this part, I would suggest you visit youtube and learn how to wire your plugs and lamp. I’m going to skip showing you this part to pass on a potential lawsuit from incorrect work. Once wired up just screw on the face plate and you are ready to go.

At the end of the build and with the many comments on how the project came together, I decided to blog about the adventure and also sell a few on Facebook trading. Let me know if you would like to purchase one. Cheers!



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