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How To Add Widgets To WordPress Pages

How to add a widget top of the posts (or contents desired from a widget)!

This guide will teach you to add widgets under your post on WordPress without using short code or modifyingfunctions.php file. Most work around on the Internet only let you post 3 column widget ready theme or use a customtemplate.

This will also let you add web forms to the middle of your content to that it cant be missed or over looked so you can start growing your lists quickly. This also works for adding web forms to Squeeze Pages and having a single web from list more than once.

Widgets make it easy for users to simply drag and drop items into their WordPress site. Even though you can extend the power of default WordPress widgets and visual composer to get the best from WordPress and its features.

First thing you need to do is check out the video above to see the steps you need to get started. Next, ask any questions that you have in the comment box below.