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How To Add 3 New Customers TODAY Using Webinars

Written by Jamel Brown

I think it’s time to start taking webinars seriously in marketing. Nothing is better at educating existing and potential customers than webinars. 

Once our team started focusing one the education aspect of our webinar the registrations grew from 10 fold. But 2016, webinars became our most influential marketing flow, exceeding our capture pages, our ebooks, and even our affiliate traffic. Team webinars became our new growth funnel to sell more of our products, services, and programs in the months ahead.

In this article, I’m going to present you a really compelling step-by-step system for marketing webinars using a Facebook ad 1 landing page and 3 emails. We are going to show you how in 60-90 min, you can give your audience your most authentic presentation (that real you).  Having studied and produced over 200 webinars in one year, our marketing team at has acquired the secrets (the hard way) that we are going to explain today.


The first most important objective is to identify what your goals are.

This step is important because you must know your intended outcome to plan for it. What do you want to customer to feel? What do you want the customer to know about your product? What do you want them to do after the webinar? All of these questions you must know well in order to get the outcome you desire. Craft Your Marketing Copy off these set goals. Take the time to meticulously craft the marketing copy for your webinar.


The second most important objective is to identify your best client personality.

Give your attended client a personality and an avatar. This will help you know your new customer in and out allowing you to speak to their pains and talk to their goal. In this live community, your customer will have the opportunity to learn and ask questions in real time and you need to be ready with the answers that they need to make a decision to purchase your product now.

If you already pre-prepared with the questions of past webinars and use those as initial gifts with relevant tips, strategies, and lessons to get them to opt into your email sequence this will explode your opt-in rate. This principal promotes high value for your webinar and increases your conversions on that webinar remarkably.


Track the Right Numbers

Analytics is probably my favorite of the task is the one I’ve been doing the longest and the one that allows me to stay current with the trends and the changes in the market.  It is the reason for our success using webinars, you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Just to name a few, of the element that you must track:

  • Your Facebook as click rate
  • Your webinar registration page opt-in rate
  • Your webinar attendance rate
  • Your view rates on the recording (replays)
  • Your percentage of attendee you convert
  • Lastly, you now need to bring it all together. You need to know you drop off rate throughout the entire process to make sure your campaign is profitable.

Knowing each of these numbers allows us to track changes over time, make adjustments, and STAY PROFITABLE.

Diversify Your Traffic

The key that built this system was our blog traffic leading into opt-ins. But what scaled our webinar was that data we collected from our analytics and converted into Facebook ads. Growing an audience from your webinars is challenging to do organically.  Your blog traffic grows a  standard rate but, marketing campaigns grow as fast and your pocketbook does. The shortcut a more active audience comes from a getting the right customer to your webinar at the right time. We also produce several new pieces of content each week on our blog and vlogs which increase our community relationships.



Hurry up is good, letting the lead know what they are going to miss out on is better.  This is where urgency comes in, and it’s seriously important to add to bother your webinar capture page and your first email you send. If you set a cap of ‘virtual’ seats, then people will be more willing to sign up be on time for fear of missing out. No one likes to miss out on money and new leads into their brand new business.




A great lead gen strategy is to partner with Jamel & iShare Blog. Now that you know all elements that go into the creation of a webinar, you see the time and effort that we put in to build our team business weekly. We know that many people that join our team haven’t gone full time. So we all them to leverage what we build for them to gain customers just by introductions their prospects to our webinars and getting the lead to commit. Allowing you to spend more time driving traffic and letting out team and culture close the traffic.

If you would like a sport on the iShare team its time for you to hit the button to secure your spot. Enter your name and best email in our forum and let’s partner today!



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