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Written by Bar-EL

Today I’m going to go over the first tool that I use while building my media and online marketing brands. Earlier we did an article about saving time and how tools help you manage your workflow. Today product will focus more on how I combat sitting in my chair all day long. I’ve been in the online blogging business for about 5 years, at first, it wasn’t a business but just a hobby. But along the way, I decided to transform what I was creating a full-fledged platform.


So, let’s discuss my new favorite tool. This tool keeps my heart going and keeps mental fatigue much lower. What is this tool you ask, it’s my TREADMILL DESK. It’s becoming more and more well-known the troubles of sitting down at a desk for 8+ hours a day. But with the conversion to standing desk, we are really just shifting the pain from our shoulders and neck down to our feet and legs.

The pictures above is my DIY standing desk setup, providing everything I need to begin walking while you work. With the configuration that I have my standing desk height is 48″ and is non-adjustable manual-height, allowing me to work longer and be in ergonomic positioning. The standard 17” wide and 13″ deep desktop provides a spacious working area for all on-line marking you can conceive. I did lots of measuring before purchase to assure there would be room for the desk to sit above the treadmill and under the desk to prevent my knees from hitting the desk. Assembly on this build is crazy easy it took about 10 min to assemble. It’s as easy as screwing the four flanges to each corner of the plywood. Being that his desk is made from plywood and galvanized steel, this is a solid and heavy unit and the desk supporting my Amazon Alexa and MacBook Air components.  This solution was perfect for me because I no longer have to forgo exercise at the expense of work time. At first glance, it looks a little questionable if typing or editing video would be possible but trust me I’ve put in many hours doing just that.

Since I am using a regular treadmill I can still reach running speeds. I set my preferred speed to either 3.0 or 3.2 MPH, still able to work while maintaining an anaerobic heart rate. I’ve now put over 200,000 steps in this setups and I have to say I’m in love. This wasn’t so much a big purchase for me because I found the treadmill on Facebook trading. And I built the desk for $200 although now I have made a smaller size pipe version for $100.

I LOVE having this treadmill. I have so much more energy, both at work and at home. Rather than sitting, arch over your Mac Air Laptop, you now can have the correct upright posture with shoulders back.Be sure to gather lots of information before you start your project and be understand why you are making this change by looking up about “sitting disease”. In my book, this $250 DIY project is 5 stars. Ever since I built my new Pro-Form Fitness Treadmill Desk, it’s transformed my day! It’s unbelievably sturdy and spacious! My recommendation: hit the affiliate links below and get to building your very own Fitness workspace. In the end, it was absolutely worth it.



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