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Bitcoin and How To Take Advantage Of It with Services that designs your mining solution!

iShareHow is an open community education platform dedicated to educating you on everything that you can do to help grow and establish your business. Today we wanted to focus on cryptocurrency as open source wealth transfer community platform designed to leave the problems of cash currency in the past. iShare will be a partner in your mining operations as a partner that supports every stage through the entire development.

Buy an Equihash rig from iShare.How | Turnkey Servers

When it comes to building a mining rig aka coin generator, one of the simplest ways I like to describe it is, it is like purchasing a franchise for $20,000 that has a cash flow of $5,000 a month. You could also think of this as a house that cost $20,000 and your renter pays you $5,000 a month in rent. I don’t know many people that would turn down a deal like that. So the question I ask you now is why would you turn down that kind of money from mining.

When I discovered the cash flow generation capabilities of mining I jumped on the opportunity as fast as I could charging up my Amazon and Bestbuy cards to the max, just to get in the game ASAP. When I ran the numbers for my self after learning about the website I calculate that I would be getting four-month ROI on my setup.

Now here is the catch I already knew how to build computer systems so learning curve in the building department was no sweat. I decided what I was going to make a couple of videos on the iShare.How YouTube channel to teach anyone willing to learn how to build their own system. Not everyone wants to get into the technical side of mining just like many don’t want to learn to build the house we spoke about earlier. And even if you can do it maybe you don’t have the extra time to do so. After many requests from clients, I decided I will make these systems for clients as a solution.

Creating a mining rig is a task that we are here to help you with. iShare.How to build the systems on your own or iShare TURN KEY solutions that are as easy as Plug and Play. I will be offering these systems online from this website. You will be able to pay for them in Ether or Bitcoin Cash.

I deeply propose that everyone gets started supporting crypto and learn how mining Technology can help you benefit from the growing trend in bitcoin. Don’t waste another minute get started now!



Development and Deployment

We help the development of your ideas take shape.

The success of our deployment services will increase mining results.

Our 2-7 Card Rigs

Rackmount case with the lid open.

These are our dedicated mining rigs that we can build from 2 cards to seven cards.  Remeber the more and better card your request the more coin you will generate/mine. This server 4U server case option can be shipped to you and does not require you to be in the local area.

Getting the right mining processors, boards, and PCI-E risers are important for maximum computing power, remote manageability, and business-grade reliability.

Your card options are:

  1. Nvidia 1060
  2. Nvidia 1060TI
  3. Nvidia 1070
  4. Nvidia 1070TI
  5. Nvidia 1080
  6. Nvidia 1080TI
  7. AMD 580




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