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Written by Jamel Brown

When it comes to the branding network one of the biggest problems that we face is that people just that people won’t believe how good these numbers are and even though they’re true, trying to get people to see that it is not hype but actual real world results.— so we need to tone it down for the general public.  If they knew how good this was actually working, they wouldn’t believe it and it’s essential right now that we under promise and over deliver.

Those of you who maybe are new to the industry and are just learning, to maintain a 5.6% conversion rate without any email follow-up is a success story in itself. Literally meaning that our videos and SEO is working at astounding rates.

Having a team help you with understanding and establishing your behavioral signup sequence to bring people into your business. Yes, that process can be little sneaky… and the results can be “off the chain” crazy!

Building the correct psychological promotion drivers can send your business into a frenzy. But doing it wrong could have your business fall flat on its face. The ultimate goal is to have affiliates and new customers flock to the company in droves with their credit card in hand, ready to buy.

Next, it is important to have what we call a “hot offer” that will drive an impulse of buying and upgrading on autopilot. But, be careful how you present it.  Look, I’m busy getting some behavioral marketing campaigns together right now if you’re ready to attach to the iShareHow system and get your business leads flowing sign up for our mailing list at the link to the right of your browser window.




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